Gather West is a wedding photography company based in California. We offer editorial style photography for all things Wedding. Elopements, Engagements, boudoir & we have a reclaimed wood photo booth.

We shoot digital, but we love film & are classically trained photographers. 

We met years ago, while both studying photography in Southern California and remained friends when Laurie returned to Northern California, while Teresa stayed in Southern California. Our friendship has evolved into what we lovingly call Gather West. 


Laurie grew up in the Bay Area, and now lives in Oakland with her husband & her two cats Smith & Luka, whom she rescued from the streets of L.A, though she’s allergic to them. She Studied photography at SFAI and graduated from Art Center in Pasadena. Laurie is Gather West's main photographer & owner.

Teresa grew up living the farm life in the Central Valley and currently lives in SLO. She studied journalism and photography at Brooks in Santa Barbara. She is married to her best friend, a happy go lucky Irishmen.

With our photography we try to preserve what matters by capturing natural beauty, thoughtful little details, honest moments, and the people who surround a couple in love.

Our adventure with photography started a decade ago. We love photography & we love working with people. Each wedding is a unique expression of a couple’s love for each other. We love being a part of a day about love in a couple’s relationship.

We're lucky to work with people we connect with, whose values are true, who appreciate the artist in us & our craft.

We don’t usually find out just how amazing people who find their way to us are till their wedding. How loved they are, what hardships they’ve experienced, what they’ve accomplished & what we have in common…

As creative individuals we enjoy supporting their vision & helping with scheduling based on our knowledge of light. It's a one of a kind partnership... A labor of love.

We are both photographers, Native Californians, Virgos and happily married to musicians with day jobs. 


We believe in incorporating all the things we love in our lives into Gather West.

We love intimate, unique, timeless weddings with good food and personal style.

We love outdoor weddings & natural light.

We love California and her land, sunshine, sea, poppies & redwoods.

We love candlelit dinners, wild looking flowers, and the changing seasons.

We love wine country, especially french wines & cheese. 

We love music, vinyl records & we love to dance.

We love farm fields, edible gardens & farm to table.

We love campfires & well-made old things.

We love road trips & traveling abroad.

We love vintage.

…oh and wine.

what WE LOVE

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