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February 14, 2013

Valentine’s day engagement SF

Our Home LIfe

Tim & I got engaged last Valentine’s day. It’s always been a special day to celebrate & appreciate your special someone, and now it will always be extra special for me.
As often as we can, which is not often enough we like to get out of the city(SF). Last year we headed to a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains. We love cozy wood cabins with a wood burning stove. On our way Tim suggested that we stop at a certain beach, one we have fond memories of from when we first started dating. When we got there I started to gather the beautiful limestone that looks smoked. I had forgotten about the cool rocks there. Then Tim started saying some really sweet things. To summarize, ” We’re good together, I like going on road trips with you and I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.” At that point I dropped all the rocks I gathered for the one Tim gave me.
This year we are celebrating in the city by going to dinner at Heirloom Cafe. I’ve been wanting to go there for years. I love the ambiance, it looks romantic and yummy. I somehow managed to book it a month in advance. I was so proud of myself for not putting it off till the week of. Sometimes it’s wise for a girl to step in and get what she wants, instead of waiting to see if your honey will do it.
I made two Valentine’s day cards for Gather West’s paperie collection. Tim was my inspiration, he is my sunshine.
Also, I got so sick of our tiny but lovely vintage Danish coffee table and decided to make Tim/ us one inspired by Stacey as a V-day present. She made her own super great wood pallet coffee table. I’ve been wanting to make furniture with pallets forever. I got two pellets from a wine shop, they happen to have the euro ones that are smaller and fit in my car. They are really nice with cool branding and really heavy hard wood.


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