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December 17, 2015

Joshua Tree Wedding / Rimrock Ranch


Camille +Marc’s wedding was at Rimrock Ranch near Pioneer Town. It was so gorgeous out there. I got to watch the whole sunset driving into town.

The last time I was in Pioneer Town was ages ago, when I use to shoot for Jane Magazine (remember them!), on a regular basis during my Socal days. I was doing a travel piece on The beat motel (related to the godfather of The beat movement, William S. Burroughs) in Palm Springs. We got to stay in a Lautner & the writer and I went to check out Pappy & Harriet’s. I loved working for Jane, they gave me the best assignments.

It was so nice to work with C+M. They are very sweet creatives. I love the pops of  color in this wedding. The vibrant pink on Camille & the blue on Marc. And it was lovely to spend time out in Joshua Tree,  at such a great venue in the desert. Their officiant was an actor friend. One I recognized from Once upon a time. This year has been a year of actors at weddings. Makes me reminisce on the decade I spent in socal.

Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0001 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0002 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0003 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0004 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0005 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0006 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0007 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0008 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0009 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0010 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0011 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0012 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0013 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0014 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0015 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0016


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