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June 28, 2015

Ojai Engagement


Take me back to Ojai! What a beautiful piece of land. We were so lucky to have it all to ourselves.

Ojai is a charming little town south of Santa Barbara. It has a very unique hippie bohemian vibe. And is in between the ocean and a deserty mountain range.

We were there in March and the sweet scent from the orange & citrus orchards filled the air. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. The mustard fields were in full bloom and looked like Ireland when the fog rolled in. It was a lovely area to spend with C+M for their engagement session. I can not wait to go back next spring.

It felt like a relaxing mini vacation, to enjoy the hip vegan restaurants and quiet setting. I met a illustrator, who I ran into by chance when we were both on our honeymoon later that May in the country side of France. What are the chances?
Ojai-Engagement_0001 Ojai-Engagement_0002 Ojai-Engagement_0003 Ojai-Engagement_0004 Ojai-Engagement_0005 Ojai-Engagement_0006 Ojai-Engagement_0007 Ojai-Engagement_0008 Ojai-Engagement_0009 Ojai-Engagement_00010 Ojai-Engagement_000011 Ojai-Engagement_000012 Ojai-Engagement_0013 Ojai-Engagement_0014 Ojai-Engagement_0015 Ojai-Engagement_0016


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